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Certified Technicians: Our technicians are our greatest asset. They are motivated by the result of their work and happy Client. The Butler System: Our State-of-the-Art Fleet of Hot, Deep Extractors, Truck-Mounted system is the best in the industry. Our method will deep clean your carpet pile without agitating or scratching the fiber. Healthier, Cleaner, & HEPA (beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers) yet dries as quick as the dry cleaning method. Zero Residue: Our special blend pre-conditioner not only emulsifies the dirt, but it will completely rinse during the hot, pure water extraction. This will not only leave a cleaner Our Cary customers enjoy a faster drying time. This is because of our secret moisture-control, pre-conditioner blend, and final rinse and extraction cycle.

Sano Steam has been restoring and cleaning North Carolinas homes and businesses for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of services including carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, smoke and water damage repair and mold removal with professional, highly trained specialists who realize customer satisfaction is our first priority. As a leader in commercial and residential cleaning and restoration in North Carolina, we strictly adhere to all industry standards (IICRC S500) and are committed to the satisfaction of our work. Sano Steam will provide you with a written guarantee of all work upon completion.

SanoSteam is Cary North Carolinas #1 choice for outstanding commercial and residential cleaning services. We use state-of-the-art methods that are not as intrusive as other, more popular methods. When disaster strikes you want to call on someone you can count on to help you through a difficult time. We excel at damage restoration services and provide the best care for each client.

Sano of Cary Cleaning Services:

  1. *Oriental Rug and Carpet Cleaning - Method: Encapsulation Dry Cleaning, Truck mounted hot water extraction Butler system

  2. *Air Vent Duct Cleaning air conditioning ductwork HVAC Sanitizing and Cleaning: Combination of the pull bush method and the vac rotobrush system.

  3. *Allergy, Mattress and Dust Mite: Truck powered vacuum and a rotary brush used for HEPA dusting prior to our 3 steps hypoallergenic relief cleaning.

  4. *Upholstery & Drapery Cleaning: We use the same Hygienic mattress cleaning and sanitizing system for upholstery cleaning.

  5. *Grout & Tile Cleaning: Pre Conditioner followed by our hot team empowered Rotary high heat sx-12, low psi and whole lot of suction ectracting by truck mount steam unit to remove dirt from bathroom showers and kitchen tile. Dirt such as soap scum and hard water rust, Kitchen gouts and tile, bathrooms tiles (watch video).

  6. *Deodorizing: Remove Cat Smell, pet odor control, stunk and many more. We search for the source and remove the bacterial that produce the gas that smells.

* NEW: Antimicrobial coating for your stuff. Using Anasheild nanotechnology.

We recently have been getting a large demand for allergy relief Cleaning. It's like sterilize the house to an operation room sanitary. Starting by washing the exterior, cleaning the air duct, using HEPA air scrubber for the indoor air, during the high efficiency particulate absorbing clean content and all services, including walls, above door jams, cabinets, ceiling fan and trim work act.

Fabric and carpet get (detergent free) deep steam cleaned including oriental rugs, mattress, drapes, upholstery furniture. Hard floor and tile get wiped clean. The house wife will usual use Hygienic cleaned bed sheets and covers.

This Dust out cleaning design for asthma and allergy sufferers help reduce attacks and help them breath easier.

Duct Cleaning: One out of six people who suffer from allergies do so because of the direct relationship to dust fungi and bacteria in air duct systems. Children and the elderly are especially affected by polluted indoor air. (Dept of Consumer Affairs). Unclean systems can spread dirt and debris and can create viral and fungal contamination, which can cause respiratory infection from the air we breathe! Our highly trained professionals will clean and sanitize your entire air conditioning and ventilation so you can breathe easier with cleaner, purer air.

Odor Control Smell Removal: Finding The Source is the key to extract odor. Whether its a dead bird in your chimney or dead mouse in your wall, we have seen it all. You must find and remove the source. We use an ozone generator to attach and break down the remaining molecule in the air and surfaces. Sano Steam also treat using the ultra lo volume Fog to reach beyond the service and mitigate the source. Pet Odor, cat smell, wet dog, Stunk Mitigate and urine odor Our exclusive Enzyme pre-spray breaks down the organic molecule formed from pet oils and urine. Micro-Encapsulation Process seals odor sources, deters urine fecal deposits and attack odors at the source! Estimate in Cary NC to Reseal sup floor, ozone and floor replacement is available Free at no charge

Disinfect treatment: Mattress, A/C Duct, Attic, Carpet, Furniture Only Microban microbial disinfect offers simultaneous protection against germs, bacteria, fungi, mold & mildew, it has been rigidly tested under government recommended procedures by internationally renowned testing laboratories, universities and hospitals. Sano Steam offer direct spray and ULV fog to insure a thorough distribution.

Restoration Services Companies:

Sano Steam has successfully helped in nine hurricane mitigation and restored over 600 property claims. Our restoration division dedication on learning new strategies to apply in case of an accidental water damage or an expected disaster such as fire damage, smoke and mold removal.

We found the secret in quick recovery relays on quick response and extraction during the first hours. The deeper the penetration is the bigger the claim develops.

Our training for water damage restoration calls for deep water extraction and the disposal of replaceable wet material. Mitigation a wet structure is an art developed after experiencing many floods. Starting by ventilating the moisture until the inside humidity is equal with the outside. Set up air movement using carpet dryers inline with the existing air conditioning vents (when applicable). Building thrust heat to start the evaporation process and exhausting the moist air to the outside of the building. Dry fresh air from discharge then makes up to equalize the interior negative pressure. This process can be very simply accomplished with dehumidifier in small water loss.

Sewage Clean Up and flood control: There seems to be some confusion as to what steps to take when restoring areas flooded by sewage backups. Many of us are treating these areas the same as those floods coming from uncontaminated water. This is a mistake. There are too many health issues involved to follow this type of procedure. First, we must understand that a water loss can be classified as a sewage flood from something other than just a sewer backup. A natural disaster flood can be classified as a sewage flood from something other than just a sewer backup. A natural disaster flood can be classified as sewage, if it is spread over a wide area and sewage treatment plants overflow into rivers and streams. Areas flooded by uncontaminated water that is left untreated for an extended period of time, should also be treated as a sewage flood, since mildew and other fungi that are present are such health concerns. Smoke Clean Up & Deodorizing.

In case of a fire and smoke damage accident, fire damage usual combine with water damage, smoke, odor, and whole lot of suds. Ventilation could help in exhausting moisture, smoke and odor. Secure the damaged property with quick board up eliminate any further damage from the weather elements.

Mold removal: Mold feed and grow by ingesting organic matter and require a moist and warm environment to survive. Unfortunately, Mold or mildew also brings with it odors that are often described as "musty" or "moldy". Natural materials such as carpet and upholstery fibers made of jute, rayon, cotton or silk, as well as floors, drywall, framing, and tackless strip are common places for a cleaner to encounter this powdery white foe. Mildew growth can be a problem after a flood or water damage. Often the area is not dried completely, took an excessive amount of time to dry, or the source of the damage was not fixed.

Remediation preformed by an expert helps prevent the spread of the contaminate and protect the workers from contact with the growth.

Mold claims gets more complicated by involving too many party's in the procedure. Each side should protect his interest and free his responsibilities not protect him from being liable for the result which result in overly done protocol full of unnecessary precaution measure that increase the cost of the remediation job mainly for the waiver interest of the contractors and hygienists. This can be resolved by having less party's involved and contract one company that Test, Investigate, Plan their work, work their plans, Toxic Mold Testing and guarantees the result.

Our team are certified restorers by the ASCR and follow the IICRC standards S520 for mold remediation. The Sano restoration company offers mold investigation, design a mitigation protocol, mold inspection and testing through a third party laboratory to insure results that can't usually be determined by the naked eye.

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Service in North Carolina

Restoration, Itemized Estimate, Full Construction, Remolding, Content Restoration, inspection, Forensic Engineer, Moisture detection, mold testing,

Resources in Cary NC

Full line of restoration equipment, ready for dispatch 24 hr 362 day a year Carpet Dryer, ace air mover, Dehumidifiers, Tile & Grout, Drieaz turbo dryer, Ozone, Butler Truck mount, Extractor, Rx20, Hot fog, ULV fog, HEPA filter, air scrubber, green seal vacuum.

Service Area North Carolina

Including Cary, Wake county, New Hanover county * Pender county * Brunswick county * Charlotte NC * Raleigh NC * Myrtle beach SC, Wilmington and Cary NC.

The staff

Omar Kharbat WLS, CRT, President. Nora Kharbat account payable Agustin Cabrera IICRC, CCT Jason Barnes, Steve Smithmyer IICRC, Douglas Sims Operation Manager

Services: Sewage Damage Cleanup, Fire Restoration Company, Insurance repair, find fire and water restoration companies in Cary nc Mold testing and removal, Commercial cleaning, Tile and grout, bathroom tile, kitchen grease, spot removal expert, upholstery and drapes, asthma, dust out with industrial hepa filters, hurricane repair and mitigation, flood dry out equipment fans and dehumidifier.

Insurance Agent Offer: Sano Steam offer free inspection on questionable claims. infrared cameras and moisture tester used to locate the moisture source. we will explain the process and advice home owner if a claim can be avoided. in case of an emergency water damage, we have 3 flood trucks located in central Cary ready for 24/7 for fast respond. Insurance Repairs.

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